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The Henry County Health Department is serving north-central Illinois communities with a passion for quality care. 

Henry County Health Department 

With a full time staff of nearly fifty and over one hundred part time home health providers, its offerings range from clinical services to women’s health to vaccinations. Henry County Health Department (HCHD) also offers home healthcare and home care services, a set of services unique to most health centers.

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“Many of the local health departments in the state focus on the core grants and programs that the state asks us to provide.” said Duane Stevens, Director of Financial Services. “We’ve expanded our services based on the needs of our rural communities.

Even though HCHD is a qualifying 340B entity, it was not receiving 340B pricing from many its wholesalers. The administration was in search of a more competitively priced vendor when they were referred to Smith Medical Partners by a neighboring health department.

“The first time I reached out to Smith Medical Partners, I was connected with my account representative, Brad Russell.” said Duane. “To be honest, the first time we talked pricing, I was skeptical – I thought it sounded too good to be true!”

Smith Medical Partners worked to make the enrollment process as simple as possible. “Brad took my information and really initiated the account set up process. I felt like he really wanted us to be a customer and made the process very easy.” Though the original intent was to access affordable vaccines, HCHD has expanded its product needs into smoking cessation, contraceptives and other categories.

The Success

With shrinking grant amounts every year, HCHD is keenly protective of its budget. “As a local health department, our responsibility is to make our budget stretch.” Duane described. “Our patients are often the ones who need care the most and may not be able to afford it. Anywhere we can save money and pass the savings on to our clients, we will.”

Duane’s role gives him an eagle eye view of HCHD’s challenges and opportunities. “We have so many departments and many sides to our operations - I want the best of all worlds. I want our nurses to have supplies, our patients to be able to afford our services and, in order to sustain, we need to control our bottom line. The opportunities with Smith Medical Partners enable me to do that.”

Since becoming a customer in June 2011, Duane has become one of Smith Medical Partners’ most enthusiastic referral sources. “The people in public health all network – we all bring our experiences to help each other out. I believe in what Smith Medical Partners does and it’s worth passing along.”

Smith Medical Partners likewise believes in the people at the Henry County Health Department and looks forward to helping them care for their community today, tomorrow and in the future.