3PL Solutions

Trusted partner for scalable, customized, full-suite third party logistics solutions

Our pharmaceutical 3PL solutions deliver a full-line of supply chain services – all designed to meet your unique storage, security and logistics needs – whether you’re large or small, emerging or established. We also work with consultants that serve in a broker capacity for clients.

Get the secure, fully compliant, cost-effective distribution and fulfillment services you need – all while protecting product integrity end to end.

Customize our services to easily scale up or down as your business evolves. Our mission is simple: To help you succeed. By providing the 3PL services you need to grow – profitably.

Hallmarks of Smith Medical Partners 3PL Services


We partner with you to design and implement a customized solution.


From emerging pharma manufacturers to mid- to large-size companies, we scale with your business needs today and tomorrow.


HUB, product launches, patient assistance, product sampling, co-pay cards and specialty and wholesale distribution.


Licensed in all 50 states. cGMP quality systems. VAWD and DEA accredited. DSCSA compliant.


Cross docking and high-volume trade distribution, track-and-trace warehousing and distribution, secure distribution, temperature controlled logistics, compliance and quality control, reverse logistics and more – all managed by our dedicated team of knowledgeable, experienced professionals.


State-of-the-art distribution facility and infrastructure. You leverage our investment and preserve precious capital for your core business – R&D, manufacturing and market development.

Compliance and Accreditation

As the nature of pharmaceutical products is changing, so too are the global regulatory regimes that control them. Pressure is increasing to ensure that “ship-to-label” regulations are met. Authorities require proof that products have not only been stored at the temperature stated on the label, but also kept within an approved temperature range during transportation. And they require strict track and trace compliance to ensure product integrity and safety.

Our 3PL service portfolio ensures regulatory compliance from end to end. We deliver fully cGMP compliant storage, handling, distribution and transportation specially tuned to meet your individual needs.

  • Secure storage and handling
  • Supply chain track and trace capabilities to ensure chain of custody control
  • Pick, pack and ship capabilities with the highest service and product-protection levels
  • Temperature controlled delivery and transportation services
  • Regulatory expertise and compliance management – to ensure patient safety

All designed to give you peace of mind, knowing your products are safe and secure.

  • cGMP quality systems
  • VAWD and DEA accredited
  • DSCSA compliant
  • 50 state licensing

Customized. Comprehensive. Compliant. Cost-effective.

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