Patient Assistance

Flexible Patient Assistance Programs

Through our sister company, Triplefin, we offer flexible Patient Assistance Programs to generate a positive brand experience and assist those in financial need.

Our solutions are designed to enhance the patient experience and generate a positive perception of your brand. We are your partner in developing and implementing programs that ensure the availability of your product in the marketplace and assist those in financial need.

Customer satisfaction using a caring approach.

Patients who reach out for help are met with a warm, caring experience that builds rapport and guides them through the process. Our high-touch Contact Center team is highly trained on your brand’s value offering and is skilled in helping to determine the best possible options for patient access, with a focus on empathy and quality service.

We also offer a state-of-the-art online portal that can expedite the application process and get patients participating in and benefiting from your program quickly.

Communicating Success

Through our data analytic solutions, you receive monthly reports that not only monitor enrollment and program usage, but also serve to suggest modifications to increase program optimization and enhance business goals. These comprehensive data reports can help us identify opportunities to enhance your brand’s performance.

Patient Benefits

  • Access to financial assistance for medication
  • Ease of use through web-based portals
  • Empathetic customer service

Manufacturer Benefits

  • Customization of PAP programs
  • Increases speed to therapy
  • Program optimization
  • Fast portal development
  • Comprehensive data analytics