Controls & Cold Chain

Protecting Your Products. Safely. Securely. Profitably.

Securing, protecting and certifying temperature-sensitive and controlled pharmaceuticals is a key concern for you. Fast-changing rules, regulations and requirements make this a complex moving target.

We understand these challenges. We’ve invested in the infrastructure to deliver a full-service solution to managing cold chain and controlled products so you don’t have to.

Our solutions safeguard your temperature-sensitive and controlled substance products across your extended supply chain – from point of manufacture to patient. All backed by people dedicated to serve you – experienced experts in handling the complex needs of distributing these life-saving products.

What do we provide?

  • Fully compliant temperature-controlled supply chain management, end to end, including
    • Temperature controlled transportation
    • Temperature controlled warehousing and distribution
  • Controlled access to controlled substances – from warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation to last-mile delivery
  • Complete chain of custody tracking
  • Compliance reporting and accountability


Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to handle:

  • Cold chain (2-8* C)
  • Freezer ( -20* C)
  • Controlled CIII-CV cage
  • Controlled CII vault

Specialty areas accommodate both small pick requirements and large pallet storage.

Our IT systems, monitoring solutions, stringent policies and procedures, regulatory compliance credentials, security, and knowledgeable personnel ensure the integrity of your product at every stage: in our warehouse, through distribution to final destination.

Loss, damage, spoilage and theft prevention means peace of mind for you.

Compliance and accreditations:

  • cGMP quality systems
  • VAWD and DEA accredited
  • DSCSA compliant
  • 50 state licensing

Customized. Comprehensive. Compliant. Cost-effective.