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Let Smith Medical Partners help you improve access to affordable medications. For over five years, we have been an active supplier for products under the 340B and the 340B Prime Vendor Programs. Our 340B product line includes contraceptives, vaccines, nicotine replacement therapy, diabetic products, antibiotics and injectables. We are able to service facilities of any size and purchase volume.  

340B is a federal program that provides low-cost prescriptions to the growing uninsured, low-income and homeless population through qualifying healthcare entities. By facilitating the purchasing of outpatient pharmaceuticals at discounted prices, the program is effectively expanding quality healthcare access to low-income and vulnerable segments of the population. Discounts average 51% of wholesale price for outpatient drugs. In addition, the 340B Prime Vendor Program provides savings to 340B participants on over 2,800 products.

Make Smith Medical Partners your one stop shop for all of your 340b orders and for IUD’s and oral/injectable contraceptives. Contact your customer service representative today for more information. 

Smith Medical Partners is now 1 of 3 distributors with access to distribute the ParaGard IUD to your family planning centers nationwide. If you are a 340b member and have enrolled in the Prime Vendor Program, you will see an additional discount per unit. Customers that are not members of 340b program will have tiered pricing available to lower the cost of the Paragard IUD. You can also place your Mirena and Skyla dropship orders now through Smith Medical Partners

Qualifying entities include:

  • Title-X Family Planning Centers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Federally qualified health centers
  • Sexually transmitted Disease Clinics
  • Hemophilia Treatment Centers
  • Ryan White clinics
  • American Indian and Hawaiian treatment centers
  • Tuberculosis clinics

For information regarding the application process, assistance guides, benefits, open funding opportunities and grant award requirements, visit the Health Resources and Services Administration.

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