Programs & Services: 3PL

Get beyond one-size-fits-all storage and logistics. Customizable pharma 3PL is here.

Re-imagine your supply chain with Smith Medical Partners.

As the largest independent national pharmaceutical wholesaler in the U.S., emerging and established manufacturers have entrusted H. D. Smith with their product for decades. That trust extended to Smith Medical Partners (SMP) years ago with the expansion of our business into national specialty medication distribution. Now, it expands to further support the end patient with full-suite, customizable third-party logistics solutions.

Warehouse storage is everywhere, but most pharmaceutical 3PL’s force you to fit their model. Smith Medical Partners has a deep history serving pharmaceutical manufacturers in a different way: we’re passionate about creating custom service plans.

Take a step towards a friendlier, more flexible 3PL provider when you need:

  • Cross-docking and high volume trade distribution
  • Storage, security, and logistics for controlled substances as well as ambient, cold chain, trade, and OTC products
  • Integrated offerings, such as HUB, product launches, patient assistance, product sampling, co-pay cards, and specialty and wholesale distribution
  • Custom, scalable support for small, emerging and virtual manufacturers
  • Flexible client support, transportation arrangements, seasonal fluctuations, financial and accounting services, and contract management
  • HIPAA compliance and regulatory support

The details

Getting your product to market is difficult enough without rigid, one-size-fits-all storage and transportation interrupting your plans. SMP’s 3PL plans aren’t plans at all until we talk to you and build it to fit your needs. No more “off the rack” solutions; we’re focused on getting your products on the path to patients, however it works best for you.

SMP 3PL essentials:

  • Midwest facility for national transportation ease
    • Chicagoland: Carol Stream, Illinois facility is 340,000 sq. ft.
  • Integrated Logistics Services
  • Cost Management
  • Proper Storage & Security
    • Specialty areas (refrigerator, cage, vault to accommodate everything from small picks to large pallet storage
  • Inventory Management & Product Tracking
    • Traceability, finance and warehouse systems integrate with comprehensive order-to-cash applications
  • cGMP quality systems and accreditations & DSCSA compliant

Our niche:

  • Flexible account management and operations maximize our customers’ experiences and decision-making capabilities
  • Expansive national network of specialty pharmacies
  • Access to the H. D. Smith enterprise:
    • H. D. Smith: the largest independent national wholesaler, providing a complete line of healthcare products and services to specialty and retail pharmacies, and hospitals.
    • Triplefin: focused on reimbursement solutions, patient assistance and affordability programs, drug adherence, and custom brand support for manufacturers to reach patients and customers

Let’s get started. Add SMP to your 3PL RFP or logistics conversation today.

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