Choosing the right partners to support clinical trials is a key element of success for development teams. Our clinical supply team understands that each customer and study has unique requirements and that a one-size-fits-all approach will not meet the needs of the ever-changing marketplace. By working together well before product is needed to support a study, we provide the vital support to ensure all requirements and milestones are met over the duration of the project.

Affinity - Researchers

Our long standing relationships with all major manufacturers, coupled with a project management team that understands the requirements for clinical programs, makes us an ideal partner for both large and small clinical programs.

Supply Chain Integrity

To ensure the veracity of the products we distribute, Smith Medical Partners is committed to implementing industry leading protocol for secure ordering and distribution. We are continually collaborating with manufacturer partners on serialization initiatives to protect the supply chain for the benefit of the healthcare industry and ultimately the patients serviced

Clinical Trial Procurement

Smith Medical Partners offers services for clinical trial needs, including reliable procurement and supply. As an authorized distributor of brand, generic and specialty pharmaceuticals, Smith Medical Partners ensures product pedigree and maintains strict confidentiality during the clinical trial procurement process.

Smith Medical Partners offers documentation tracking, including:

  • NDC number
  • Product size
  • Pack type
  • Expiration date
  • Same lot availability
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Certificate of compliance

Leverage Smith Medical Partners’ regulatory expertise, clinical site tracking and product coordination during clinical trials for confidential and reliable product procurement


We have an upcoming study that will continue for the next three years, can you ensure supply throughout the study?

As part of the nation’s fourth largest wholesaler, we work closely with all major manufacturers. This close relationship helps us stay in front of supply issues or other market changes which could impact your clinical study. While supply is always dependent on the manufactures’ ability to supply product, H. D. Smith and Smith Medical Partners has over 50 years of experience in providing customers with the products and services they need.

Will I have a project manager to support our team over the duration of the study?

We have a team of project managers who will work with your team from the planning stages throughout your project. Your primary contact will have extensive experience in clinical trial supply and close relationships with manufactures to help obtain the documentation necessary for your project.

I have a small study that involves only a few patients. Can you support this type of project?

We realize every study is important to a clinical team and will work with you to address both large and small projects.

The quality of product is critical to our success; does SMP purchase all products directly from the manufacturer?

Smith Medical Partners and its parent company, H. D. Smith only purchase product directly from the manufacturer. Our close relationships and commitment to quality eliminates the risk associated with product purchases from non-authorized distributor companies.

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