Trading Partners

We foster collaborative relationships with our manufacturer partners to realize mutual successes. Our secure and efficient distribution is an instrument for cost containment, enabling manufacturers to focus on product development and production, while we excel in order fulfillment.

Affinity - Trading Partners

We collaborate with our manufacturer partners to meet their operational and strategic challenges for the benefit of the healthcare industry and ultimately the patients serviced.

Complete Distribution Solutions

Smith Medical Partners supplies complex treatment regimens to care for chronic and acute illnesses treated at specialty facilities, clinics and alternate care sites. This allows us to serve as a master distributor for orphan and limited distribution drugs, as well as brand and generic pharmaceuticals.

Specialty pharmacy is a rapidly growing market for which Smith Medical Partners is well equipped to service. We are licensed to distribute specialty products, vaccines and injectibles with next day delivery to all 50 states. Whether your product is dispensed through a pharmacy, physician, clinic or other healthcare facility, we leverage a seasoned sales staff to communicate new product launches and promotional opportunities to drive sales for our manufacturer partners.

Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategies (REMS)

A significant factor to a successful drug product is risk management. REMS are plans used to ensure that the benefits of a prescription drug outweigh its risk of harm to the patient and are often required for new, approved or supplemental drug and biological license applications. Smith Medical Partners offers risk management services, including communication planning, reimbursement consulting, customer and physician pre-registration, a fully staffed call center and medication guide distribution. These services are designed to prevent our manufacturer partners from incurring potential significant civil monetary penalties for misbranded products and assist in streamlining the approval process.

Clinical Trial Procurement

Smith Medical Partners offers services for clinical trial needs, including reliable procurement and supply. Our years of experience in providing product and services to clinical development teams, provides you with a partner that understands the unique needs associated with clinical trials. Learn more.

Communication Resources

Our diverse customer base provides an effective channel for product communication, promotional opportunities and launch announcements. We leverage these and other tools to provide a competitive edge and drive incremental sales growth for our partners.

Smith Medical Partners is uniquely positioned to offer strategic advantages to our trading partners in the communication of new product launches and promotional opportunities. Our direct to provider methods enable our trading partners to benefit from the audience accessibility.

We leverage industry knowledge and market responsiveness to facilitate effective and timely product communications. Delivering product updates, releases and launch information to our customers equips them with the latest industry developments while enabling our trading partners to recognize product volume movement, and ultimately educate the end-user through the provider-patient relationships.

Our internal team is knowledgeable and seasoned in the release of educational and promotional material and is able to implement effective communication methods. Our proactive project management team can initiate a multi-faceted communications campaign once SOW approval has been obtained. We are dedicated to the success of our trading partners, as demonstrated by our range of communication offerings.


What is your relationship to H. D. Smith?

Smith Medical Partners is a subsidiary of H. D. Smith focused on specialty distribution and solutions. We leverage the strength and relationships of H. D. Smith in the market place, while providing our customers a unique distribution channel to market segments beyond tradition retail pharmacy.

Who are your primary customers?

We service physicians, specialty clinics and pharmacies, surgery centers and institutions across the country.

How can you support the launch of a specialty product?

Our longstanding relationship with a wide range of customers provides manufacturers excellent contact points as they launch new products. Smith Medical Partners is an ideal launch partner in most specialty markets.

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